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Agatha Gothe-Snape: The Scheme Was A Blueprint For Future Development Programs

Designed in collaboration with Agatha Gothe-Snape, 2015

— a drawstring backpack, a USB slap band, a print-on-demand USER GUIDE, a set of seven collectable posters, a t-shirt, a set of three collectable balloons, a suite of digital animations

Agatha Gothe-Snape has worked with TCL Landscape Architects and Monash University to develop a public art project for the Campus Green at Caulfield. The Scheme Was A Blueprint For Future Development Programs is as a large line drawing across the centre of the campus with multiple functions. It’s a sports court for basketball and table tennis, as well as an activity zone for other temporal kinds of exercise: discovering personality types, refining teamwork skills, and practicing mindfulness.

Gothe-Snape, whose artistic practice stems from improvised performance, invites the community to perform her artwork through The Scheme Was A Blueprint For Future Development Programs, a series of accompanying consultations, interventions, workshops, collaborations and as yet undefined “outcomes” that will take place upon the Blueprint. Aiming to gauge, emphasise and cultivate an emotional register within the public space of the University, the Blueprint and accompanying workshops/interventions examine the relationships between the individual and group with the institutional entities and structures, of the University itself.

Gothe-Snape’s practice strives to remind us that the role of art is to offer a critical external voice that is able to navigate the predictability often found in large institutions, and offer experiences that have the potential to create new circumstances and new knowledge. Blueprint suggests we are all in a process of perpetual re-making—each individual in a continual state of flux—being defined and redefined by our relationships to both other people and places.

The Scheme Was A Blueprint For Future Development Programs is a Monash University Public Art Commission. All associated collateral designed in collaboration by Simon Browne and Agatha Gothe-Snape.

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