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Learning Form Your Mistakes

Self-initiated, 2010

— 841 x 1156mm book/posters

A project profiling common linguistic errors and mistakes made by English speakers, and an exploration into graphic design process through self-imposed constraints. These are “books”, which fold out to create unwieldy posters, a metaphor for the awkwardness of these errors within the English language. The content was adapted from Common Errors in English. Research into the techniques of the Oulipo writers (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle; roughly translated: “workshop of potential literature”) resulted in a decision to impose specific constraints upon the design process, and in doing so mimic the constraints of language:

1. Use only one typeface (Akzidenz Grotesk)
2. Print in only one colour (black)
3. Design only with Adobe InDesign
4. The grid is pre-determined by machine-made folds

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