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Iris/Ten Theses on Life Hacks

with XPUB, 2018

electronic device, self-bound book

Iris is a smart device that interacts with you via audio, camera and visual effects, resulting in a situation that questions attitudes towards an ever-accelerating drive for self-optimization.

Ten Theses on Life Hacks is a book which contains a life hack in its format; readers are invited to bind content preference-wise using items from a selection of eclectic unorthodox binding materials and the holes made in every page of the book.

Together, these formed an inquiry into the nature and potential of life hacks, seen here as small, spontaneous interventions into the immediate environment with the aim of improvement or improvisation.Produced by the Experimental Publishing department at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, and part of a series of events curated by Silvio Lorusso as part of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s fellowship program around the theme of burn-out.



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