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From the books: SLV RBRR 000-099

Designed in collaboration with Masaki Miwa, 2016

— book, inserts, zine

From the books: SLV RBRR 000-099 is a publication that explores marks left in over 300 books by visitors to the 000-099 section of the State Library of Victoria’s Redmond Barry Reading Room. The marks catalogued in this book include (but are not limited to) examples such as marginalia, underlined text, dog-ears, stains, wear and tear, and objects left within books, such as photographs, scraps of paper or letters to future readers. By collecting, categorising and documenting these marks the aim is to outline and explore the common vocabulary of mark-making shared by anonymous readers, and in doing so create a portrait of the community that accesses this collection. In this way the library is seen as not only a repository of knowledge but also an active social space, using the vehicle of a printed book and the forum of the library as a site for interaction with knowledge. Designed in collaboration with Masaki Miwa, and launched at the 2016 Melbourne Art Book FairProvisional Bibliography essay provided courtesy of Federico Antonini.

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